LIFX Clean Setup and Support Article  

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Tech specs
Connectivity and network
App features and functions


Tech specs

US Brightness: 1100 Lumens 
International Brightness: 1200 Lumens 
Wattage Use: 11.5W at full brightness 
Wattage on Standby<0.5W 
Voltage Range: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Color Temperature: 1500K to 9000K
Beam Angle: 210° 
Dimming: Software dimming 1% — 100% 
LED life span: 22.8 years 
WiFi Router Requirement: 802.11b,g,n standards compliant
Security: WPA, WPA2 
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 63 x 63 x 115mm 
Single Unit Weight: 210g 



For a complete step-by-step setup guide with tips, please visit 

For written instructions to follow at your own pace, read on. Below you’ll find the general guides for setting up your first LIFX Clean bulb, broken out by mobile device type.  



Before you start  

Enabling location services 
Please ensure you have granted access to location services to the LIFX app on your mobile device. You can do this by: 

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings 
  2. Click Privacy, then Location Services
  3. Make sure that Location Services is on
  4. Scroll down to find the LIFX app
  5. Tap the LIFX app and select the option While Using.  

Choosing your setup method 
There are two ways you can set up your LIFX device – with or without HomeKit. While both methods will work, we recommend using the HomeKit Setup option because it enables all Siri and HomeKit features, as well as connect your LIFX light to the LIFX app all at once. Using the LIFX Setup without HomeKit will connect your LIFX light to the LIFX app, but it will not enable Siri or HomeKit features. 


HomeKit setup  

How to set up your LIFX Clean: Step-by-step instructions  

  1. Plug in the light and power it on
  2. Open the LIFX app
  3. Click the  icon in the bottom right of the screen
  4. Tap "New Device"
  5. Tap the Green Arrow
  6. Choose your device from the light (if your device doesn't show up, try the LIFX Setup path below) 
  7. Select your Home to work with Apple Home
  8. Wait for the HomeKit pairing screen, then scan your HomeKit code or enter it manually (this will be on your bulb)
  9. Choose a location for your light (for example, Home)
  10. Choose a group for your light (for example, Bedroom)
  11. Name your light (approx. 10 characters) (for example, Desk Lamp)
  12. Complete! You can now enjoy your light. 


LIFX setup (Connect your light without HomeKit) 

Please note: you can always go back and set up you light with HomeKit and Siri at a later stage.

How to set up your LIFX Clean: Video Instructions  

 How to set up your LIFX Clean: Step-by-step instructions 

  1. Tap My Light Doesn't Support HomeKit
  2. Allow notifications
  3. Follow steps on screen to begin setup
  4. Navigate to your WiFi Settings 
  5. Choose light from Settings. The light will appear as ...LIFX_model_serial (if you tap the light and it prompts you to open the Home app, you can either follow those instructions to begin HomeKit onboarding or reset the light and wait 20 minutes before trying again)
  6. Choose your Home to work with Apple Home
  7. Make sure you are connected to the WiFi network you want to connect the light to (please note, LIFX only support 2.4GHz networks). Then enter the password.
  8. Return to the app
  9. Choose your WiFi network
  10. Create/choose a location for your light (for example, Home)
  11. Create/choose a group for your light (for example, Bedroom)
  12. Name your light (approx. 10 characters) (for example, Desk Lamp)
  13. Complete! You can now enjoy your light. 



Before you start  

Enabling location services 
Please ensure you have granted access to location services to the LIFX app on your mobile device. You can do this by: 

  1. Open your phone's Settings
  2. Under Settings, tap Location
  3. At the top of the screen, select App permissions
  4. Scroll down to find the LIFX app
  5. Tap the LIFX app and select the option While Using.


How to set up your LIFX Clean: Video Instructions  


How to set up your LIFX Clean: Step-by-step instructions 

  1. Download our LIFX app on your mobile device
  2. Plug in the light and turn it on 
  3. Open the LIFX app 
  4. Click the icon in the bottom right of the screen 
  5. Tap New Device 
  6. Select the green arrow to continue 
  7. Find your light (recognizable by the last 6 digits of the serial number) 
  8. Select your Wi-Fi and enter the password (please note, LIFX only support 2.4Ghz networks) 
  9. Choose a location for your light (for example, Home) 
  10. Choose a group for your light (for example, Bedroom) 
  11. Name your light (approx. 10 characters) (for example, Desk Lamp) 
  12. Complete! You can now enjoy your light. 


Connectivity and network

Supported WiFi settings  

  1. WiFi channels supported 1 through 11. WiFi channels 12, 13 and 14 are not supported. 
  2. UDP and TCP port 56700 should not be blocked, so you may need to contact your ISP about allowing access to this port. 
  3. WPA/WPA2 or OPEN only. No support for WEP or WPS. 
  4. 2.4GHz channel should be set to 20MHz bandwidth 
  5. 2.4GHz band b/g/n, 5GHz not supported. 


Tips for connectivity issues  

If you have completed the setup of your LIFX light, but the light occasionally becomes uncontrollable / disconnected in the LIFX app, that means you are experiencing connectivity issues. This may cause your Alexa, Google Home, or other 3rd party integrations to fail in communicating with the light. 

If you have several LIFX lights, but only one is having this issue: 

  1. Check that the light is not used in a socket with a dimmer switch 
  2. Try switching this light with another of your working LIFX light, and see if the issue follows the bulb 
  3. You can also try to reset your light to bring it back to basics here
  4. If issue persists, please first go through our Connectivity troubleshooting guide. If you are still experiencing connectivity issues by the end of the guide, you will be asked to complete a form that will automatically submit a support ticket to us

 If you have several LIFX lights, and they are all having this issue, it is most likely router related: 

  1. Check whether your router is capable of supporting a smart home with your number of devices on the network. Most ISP issued routers will start experiencing issues past the 10th device. 
  2. Make sure that your 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz networks are named separately 
  3. Try switching the 2.4GHWiFi channel from “Auto” to 1, 6 or 11.  
  4. Make sure that none of the lights are used in a completely enclosed fixture (i.e. no airflow to the light), and none are used in a socket with a dimmer switch.


App features and functions

How to turn on your Clean Cycle 

To turn on your Clean Cycle look for the Sparkle icon in the top right corner. Simply tap that icon, set your desired Cycle Duration and hit Activate. 


How to turn off your Clean Cycle  

To turn off your Clean Cycle you can either tap the Cancel icon or the blue Sparkle icon. 


How to change your default Clean Cycle time 

Yes! Depending on the distance of the bulb to your desired surface or object(s), you might want to change the default Clean Cycle time. To do so, navigate to the Light Settings screen for your Clean bulb and click on Clean Cycle under Set Up. The following screen will allow you to customize both the Default Notification as well as set a Completion Notification. Once you’ve updated your desired preferences, hit Save. 


How to schedule a Clean Cycle 

Absolutely! Hit the plus button at the bottom right of the screen to add a new schedule. If you have a Clean bulb, you’ll be able to choose to turn on your Clean Cycle under the “To” option. 





Troubleshooting setup 

When setting up your bulbs, depending on many factors, the process may take a couple of minutes. Please be patient, and wait for the app to provide guidance. 

If the light does not appear to be connecting after 90 seconds or so, please try the following: 

  1. Force quit the app on your device 
  2. Reopen the LIFX app, and see if the light is actually available to complete connection 
  3. If the above does not address the issue, please try resetting the light, and try setup again, waiting about two minutes after reset, before trying setup 

How to reset your LIFX Clean: 

If you have connected a bulb, and it is not appearing in the app, please be patient. Make sure to update to the latest firmwareso you are able to complete the setup, and take advantage of all features. 

The app should provide a dialogue box with a message if any issues are preventing setup. 




What is LIFX Clean? 

LIFX Clean works as a standard LIFX smart light – with all of the colors, control and quality you’d expect. But, unlike any other smart light, it also has a high-energy visible (HEV) light setting that kills harmful bacteria. And, unlike UV light, HEV light is only dangerous to bacteria, meaning it won’t harm you, your family or pets.  

What is HEV light?   

High-energy visible (HEV) light is a frequency of light that has a wavelength of 405nm – 450nm and appears blue to the eyes. Because of its destructive effect on bacteria, HEV light can function as a disinfectant. However, it’s safe for humans, pets, and plants.  

How long should I turn on the HEV light?  

How long you set your Clean Cycle to run for will depend on how far the bulb is from whatever you’d like disinfected. For example, a table lamp can disinfect objects such as a keyboard at close range in about 2 hours.  

But I've heard UV light is dangerous… 

While UV light is dangerous to your eyes and skin, LIFX Clean uses HEV light, which is safe for you and your household (plants and pets included). 

So this is a bulb, too? 

While LIFX Clean can function as a standard, everyday light bulb, it’s also a smart light. That means it offers smart home integration, billions of color options, scheduling capabilities, voice control functionality and so much more. 

Is it going to increase my electricity bill? 

LIFX uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) in every bulb. LEDs are currently one of the most energy efficient solutions in the market. The estimated energy use of the LIFX Clean is $1.32 per year (based on 3 hours a day at 11¢/kWh).

Do I need to buy multiple, or will just one work?   

This depends on what you’d like to disinfect and where! If you’d like to use HEV disinfection daily and in multiple rooms in your home, having more than one LIFX Clean is recommended.  

Can I set my Clean Cycle up in a Scene? 

Unfortunately, no. We’ll let you know if this changes in the future. 



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