Assemble, Position and Attach your Z TV

How do I put my Z TV kit on the back of my television or monitor?

Assemble your Z TV.

Your Z TV only has a few parts to connect up before you plug it in to the power. Make sure you assemble it all before powering it up and adding it to the app.

Why add it to the app first? If you do this before you stick it on you can move it closer to your router for a more stable connection if there is any instability in the signal, and also test out how high or low to position it on your particular TV for the desired effect. 



Positioning the light strip.

TVs can be different in design but we recommend you stick your Z TV along the flattest part of your television's back to get a good, strong bond.


  • This position is good for TV’s standing on a table, shelf or stand with a wall behind and space for the light to spread.
  • Casts a glow up and out along a large surface to fill the room.


  • This layout can sometimes suit TV’s in cabinets to better fill the cavity with light.
  • Casts a glow down that will reflect off surrounding surfaces.

It is possible to remove the strip in future to change it's position but we don't recommend this as the sticky part is one-use. If you do you will need to add additional adhesion yourself.

If you're unsure, you can test out the position. If there are two people in your household you can get a quick idea by simply holding the strip behind the television when it is lit and seeing where the light goes. You can also check the position by using blutac or a temporary adhesive.


Attach your Z TV.

The Z TV strip comes with an adhesive backing and a sticker protector you peel off to affix it. To get the best adhesion you should always wipe away any dust, oils or residue first. It is best to use cleaning alcohol or a cloth with some warm water and a drop of detergent. Make sure also to press firmly along the strip, pressing between each LED to make sure it has a good grip and no dust can get in.




You can find more help and hints for Z TV here or in the other articles (see below on mobile and on the right on desktop or some tablets)

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