Adding ZTV to your LIFX app

Getting Started on the LIFX app


In the box 📦

In the box there will be a set-up reference card and a small booklet. This booklet has a code on the back containing important information that can assist with set-up on iOS.

We know many people will recycle or dispose of their packaging so we suggest that you take a picture of the code on the booklet and save it somewhere for easy access if needed later. 


iOS users you will need this information if you want to use your LIFX light with Homekit!



Unpack your LIFX Z TV Kit 💡

Unpack all of the parts in the box. Lift out any trays to ensure you've found all the parts.

Before sticking lights to any surfaces it is best to plug it all together, power it up and get it added to your app. This helps with deciding on where to position it in your own personal set-up, as well as making it easier to connect the parts properly before sticking them and positioning.

Powering your LIFX device

Connect all of the parts together (the strip, cable and power supply unit) before powering up your ZTV. For easy install we suggest you do this in a room close to your Wi-Fi router or where you have maximum Wi-Fi strength. This helps avoid any interference or issues that can arise from a poor or inconsistent Wi-Fi connection. You can move your device to your ideal location once your light is added successfully to your network. Connecting the first time needs the most stability to ensure the set-up steps all go smoothly, but moving it later should be fine. 

Once powered, your LIFX device should shine bright white.

If your device does not power or looks different to a still bright white color, please go here.


Your Wi-Fi Connection 💪

Make sure you have your Wi-Fi network name and password available for the network that you’d like your LIFX device to pair with. For LIFX products your connection must be:

  • 2.4GHz 

  • If your 2.4 and 5Ghz networks share the same name, it may be helpful rename the 5Ghz network during setup.  If you're on whole home wifi (eero, google wifi, orbi, etc) disregard this step.

    For help with finding or naming your 2.4ghz network - read here

  • Private - you cannot use LIFX products on public networks

  • Check and make sure your phone and router do not have any adblock, VPN, ad blocker, firewall or parental control features enabled during setup of your lights.

    Full Wi-Fi and connectivity checklist



Your Smart Phone

You are now ready to add your LIFX device to your network and into the LIFX App! If you haven't already, download the official LIFX App and create a LIFX account.

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