Adding the LIFX Skill to your Alexa App

To add a skill, keep in mind you'll need to have a LIFX account to link your Amazon account to, so the first thing is to grab our LIFX app from the App Store (it's free and quick to set up an account with just an email address). You can now link these two accounts together by searching for the skill "LIFX: Optimized for Smart Home" I the 'skills' section of your Alexa app, or by asking Alexa to add a skill and saying the name. 


Want help setting your light up through the LIFX app instead? If you've realised you're missing something from the Simple Set-up steps, that's ok. We're here to help you with that too.
Read this article on Set-up Success for first time users of LIFX. 


LIFX Optimized for Smart Home Skill 

To set up your Amazon Echo "Alexa", first check your lights are connected to your LIFX cloud account.
Your lights are setup with your account if they show under the "Lights" section located in the top of the app.
Once your bulbs are cloud connected, follow the steps below to link your LIFX lights to your Amazon Alexa app:
1. Open the Alexa App

2. Tap the MENU icon in the upper left-hand corner
Then tap SKILLS
3. Search for LIFX, and then tap the LIFX OPTIMIZED FOR SMART HOME SKILL

4. Enter the cloud account email and password you use for LIFX App
5. Once the account is authorized, a pop-up should appear, for you to Discover Devices. Tap Discover Devices for your Alexa to find your LIFX lights.
Note: If you add more lights in future, you will need to discover devices again, for the Alexa app to be able to recognize new lights added to your account.
6. Your Devices will now appear in the Alexa app. Next, to group them for room by room voice control, tap GROUPS
7. Tap ADD GROUP and Select a common name or input your own group name, then tap NEXT
8. Scroll through and check the lights to add to your group then click SAVE. Your groups will now appear under groups on the dash

Your Scenes from the LIFX app will also carry over. You can check they are there by tapping SCENES. These scenes can be controlled by name, using Alexa.
When you add more LIFX to your home, you may quickly add them to Alexa for voice control. Return to the Alexa app -> SMART HOME in the Alexa app. Tap on DEVICES, scroll to the bottom, and tap DISCOVER. Any new lights will be added to your devices for Alexa to control.
Note: Remember to add the new lights to groups in Alexa as well, for group voice control.
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