Does Amazon have your Wi-Fi details? (2.4 GHz)

In order to help you have a smooth set-up without digging up your password and entering network details, Amazon needs to be able to fill this in for you. This means your Wi-Fi details will need to be saved to your Amazon account already. If you have any Amazon device (like an Echo or Fire TV) you will have been prompted to save this information to your account before. If you didn't save them before you can always add these details to your account to make all of your future device set-ups extra easy. 

You can find information about how to do this on your Amazon account here using Amazon's Wi-Fi FAQs.

While some devices run on 5 GHz, LIFX lights will only connect to WiFi networks that are 2.4 GHz. To make sure you’re using the right type of network for your LIFX light to connect to, check the network saved to your Amazon account or device. (You can do that in your Alexa app.)

For help with finding or naming your 2.4 GHz network, read this helpful article here. 

Or, if you need help checking what network is saved to your Amazon account, Amazon explains how you can do this here



Make sure the distance between your devices is correct.

Your LIFX light, phone and router need to be within 10 ft (~3m) of each other, and visible to each other for your initial set-up.


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