4 Compatibility check - Your Amazon (Alexa) Device and your router

Do you have an Amazon Alexa device or Wireless Simple Set-up compatible router? 

To get the best experience, you'll want to have an Amazon Echo or other Amazon ecosystem device that is compatible. If you just bought one as part of a bundle with lights, that will also be able to do Simple Set-up for you on the products it came with, so long as you set up your Amazon device first and have followed these steps.

If you don't have an Amazon device you won't get the full benefit of Amazon Simple Set-up, but you can still set up you light as normal using the LIFX app. 


Want help setting your light up through the LIFX app instead? If you've realised you're missing something from the Simple Set-up steps, that's ok. We're here to help you with that too.
Read this article on Set-up Success for first time users of LIFX. 


Don't forget - even though your Amazon device can work on 5Ghz, we recommend setting up your Amazon device on the 2.4Ghz band of your Wi-Fi network to work best with your LIFX products.


Next Step:
Your LIFX App

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