Preparing for Simple Set-up Configuration.

Before starting the Simple Set-up process with your Amazon device and your new LIFX light, there are a few things you can do to ensure a smooth set-up. These requirements are listed and explained below.

If these tips are something you’re already familiar with, skip to the “Essential Troubleshooting” section of this guide.





Did you purchase through

If you haven't purchased your new devices through, Amazon Simple Set-up won’t be available to you. If you purchased through or another retail partner, that's fine too – you can still use our LIFX App to get set up. 

If you haven’t purchased your new devices through, simply download our LIFX App and it will automatically walk you through the process of setting up your new light. Or read this article on Set-up Success for first time users of LIFX.



Did you give permission to link the product to your Amazon account?

So you've bought your LIFX through and you are checking out. If you want your Alexa device to do all the set-up work for you when it arrives, you'll need to tick the checkbox "Link to my Amazon account to simplify setup”.

This allows the linking process to begin before you even get your product. If you are buying a light for someone else as a gift, you wouldn't want it to be attached to your account and ready to add to your network. So to avoid this, you get the option to approve the linking process right when you're buying it. 



Is your Amazon device prepared for Amazon Simple Set-up?

If your Amazon device isn’t new, ensure the version of your device isn’t too outdated for Amazon Simple Set-up. 


If your Amazon device is new, ensure you’ve set up that device with Amazon before attempting Amazon Simple Set-up with your LIFX light. 

If you’d like to set up your new LIFX light without using Amazon Simple Set-up, you can easily use our LIFX App. Simply download our LIFX App and it will automatically walk you through the process of setting up your new light.

Or Check out this Amazon help article to learn more about Amazon Simple Set-up for Wi-Fi devices.

Does Amazon have your Wi-Fi details? (2.4 GHz)

To start your Amazon Simple Set-up, the Amazon device you’re using for this configuration needs to know your WiFi details. This means your WiFi details need to be saved in your Amazon account. Please note, your new LIFX light requires that the WiFi network saved to your Amazon account is a 2.4 GHz network (not 5 GHz). If you aren't sure on what that is or means, you can read this helpful article here. 

If you already have an Amazon device (like an Echo or Fire TV), you will have been prompted to save this information to your account when you originally set up that device. 

If you didn't save your WiFi details during a previous setup, or you haven’t owned an Amazon device before, you can find information about how to do this on your Amazon account here using Amazon's Wi-Fi FAQs.

If you aren't sure on what 2.4Ghz is or means, you can read this helpful article here.



Have you set up your LIFX account and added the LIFX Skill to your Alexa app?

To use Alexa with your lights (and of course to get access to Alexa Simple Set-up) you'll need to add the LIFX skill to your Alexa app. You only need to do this once for your first LIFX light, any future lights will already be ready to use on Alexa once you've done this. 

To add a skill, keep in mind you'll need to have a LIFX account to link your Amazon account to, so the first thing is to grab our app from the App Store (it's free and quick to set up an account with just an email address). You can now link these two accounts together by searching for the skill "LIFX: Optimized for Smart Home" I the 'skills' section of your Alexa app, or by asking Alexa to add a skill and saying the name. (We've got a quick little guide here if you're not sure about this.)


Want help setting your light up through the LIFX app instead? If you've realised you're missing something from the Simple Set-up steps, that's ok. We're here to help you with that too.
Read this article on Set-up Success for first time users of LIFX. 


We've also got an article summing up everything you need to know about Amazon Simple Set-up. If you bought a LIFX White on Prime Day, you might like to check that out here.

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