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The RouteThis Helps App runs a variety of network tests and diagnostics to help identify issues that may be impacting your light's wireless and internet connectivity. This powerful self-help tool will also offer tips to ensure your network is running at optimal performance so you can enjoy a seamless experience with your lights. This tool is completely free to use!


RouteThis Self-Help will:

  • Provide fast, accurate, and actionable information about the performance of your home network
  • Give you the knowledge and tools to solve home network issues on your own
  • Improve your LIFX experience by potentially resolving set-up and connectivity issues caused by your home network


To get started, download RouteThis Helps via the App Store or Google Play Store via




Using RouteThis Helps

Once installed, please ensure that your device is connected to the same 2.4 GHz wireless network that your lights are connected to. Once this is confirmed, "Tap BEGIN".

On the initial scan, RouteThis Help will request location services access. Choose either "Allow While Using App" or "Allow Once" to proceed. [Location data is only captured when the test is being run].




You will then be asked to provide a code before initiating the scan. 'Enter in the letters "LIFX".

A unique 8 digit key will then be generated for you to provide to our Support Team at a later time should you require any further analysis.




Again, only for the initial scan, you will be asked to identify your Network.
To do this, 'Tap 'Get WiFi Network', you will then be given confirmation of the connected network.




Once your network has been confirmed, please ensure your device is placed at least 3 feet away from your router and away from any direct obstructions.

Then 'Tap "I MOVED IT", and then "Yes" to confirm.



The scan will then begin. Please keep the app open while the scan is running.

Once the initial scan is complete, you will be given your current internet speeds (download & upload), and also some tailored suggestions on how to improve your network and therefore your overall LIFX experience.


If any issues are detected, Tap on 'IMPROVE NETWORK HEALTH' in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and you will be given a list of suggested actions for improvements.
Tapping each issue in the list will give you further instructions and recommendations.




With each subsequent scan, you will have the option to submit a unique key for further analysis by our Support Team.

To do this, 'Tap on the 'copy' icon in the top right corner to copy the key. Then paste the key into your email and send it to the Support Agent assisting you.














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