My light doesn’t look right, how do I know if it’s broken?

A LIFX device that won’t:


  1. Turn on (illuminate or emit any light)
  2. Stop cycling through red, green, blue, white and then purple


In either case, sometimes checking the power source or performing a hardware reset of the device can fix the problem.


Step 1
Check the power source:

You can check that the power socket works by using another light or electronic device such as a phone charger etc. If other devices receive power using this power source but your LIFX device does not then it’s time to try a hardware reset. 


Step 2
Perform a hardware reset:

These instructions to perform a hardware reset will work for all LIFX models with the exception of the LIFX Original.


  • Start with the LIFX light powered on

  • Turn your light off and on at the wall 5 times slowly at consistent intervals (ie wait 10 seconds between switching on and off)

  • Your light will flash to signify the success of the hardware reset and then return to a bright white state

  • All LIFX colored products will flash red > green > blue and then white

  • The LIFX Mini Day & Dusk will cycle between warm > mix > cool

  • The LIFX Mini White light will dim > medium brightness > flash bright

If the bulb still fails to emit any light when powered on, or is still continuously cycling through red, green, blue, white and then purple, there is a chance it may be faulty or broken.

In this case, please complete a Warranty Request form:

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