Product Safety Notice 

We have identified that the initial batch of Australian LIFX Switches, when incorrectly installed, may cause the product to fail. If you have received the product, email us via with the batch number and serial number for guidance on next steps. 


How does my electrician correctly install the replacement screws that I received? 



Connect the wire to the terminals as needed and tighten the set screws provided (M4 x 8mm). Please ensure wires are held tight by the screw. 



· If using a C-clip bracket, please ensure to mount the switch so that the terminals are on the opposite side of the metal on the C-clip bracket. 
· If using fully enclosed stud bracket, please ensure >5 mm clearance or insulation to any conductive elements from screw terminal. 



After installing wires, please ensure screws do not extend above the plastic casing of the Switch. 

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