Common Terms Used for the LIFX Switch  



LIFX Switch: The physical hardware ‘smart’ light in-wall switch 


Installer: Qualified electrician or electrical installer 


Set-up Mode: The default state of the Switch, ready to be configured  


Factory Reset: Returning the Switch to the default state (set-up mode) 


Button: The in-app configuration of your LIFX Switch physical buttons 


Light Type: Either a traditional light or product or LIFX product  


Wired Connection: The direct connection between the LIFX Switch and your home’s lights or outlets 


Cloud: The LIFX Cloud platform which is used for automation, scheduling and other controls control. Requires internet connection via Wi-Fi  


Wi-Fi: Your home network’s own connection to the internet service. 


LIFX App: The LIFX Application used to configure the Switch and remotely control LIFX products connected on your local Wi-Fi network or via the LIFX Cloud 


Haptic Pulse: Vibration triggered when pressing the switch to simulate clicking a traditional wall switch 

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