How do I interpret this status LED on my Switch? 

The status LED is the small light you see from time to time in the top left hand corner of the switch when it’s mounted vertically (portrait alignment). By default you won’t see this light, however from time it will come on to indicate the Switch is doing something which is not part of its normal operation.  


The status LED has the following codes: 

Green, fast flashingA Factory Reset is complete and Switch is now in Setup Mode. 

Green solid: Connected to Cloud. 

Flashing blue: The Switch is in Reboot Mode or performing an Over-The-Air firmware update. 

Flashing orange: Loss of Cloud connectivity. 

Flashing red (30 second burst): Loss of Wi-Fi connectivity. The light will flash when the following happens:  

  • 1) Loss of Wi-Fi connectivity is first detected, 
  • 2) Every 30 mins (for 30 seconds) for the duration of loss of Wi-Fi connectivity,  
  • 3) When a button is pressed during loss of Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Flashing lights will typically turn off after 60 seconds so as not to become annoying, but will come back on and flash every half an hour briefly in case nobody has noticed the error. The lights will also flash if someone presses a button and the Switch is in an abnormal state.  



What do these button states mean in the LIFX app?  

There are a couple different states of Buttons within the app. Here’s an image and description to help you navigate what state your button may be in. 


Button 1: Unassigned 

Button 2: Assigned and powered off 

Button 3 + 4: Assigned and powered on 



Can I set a button to control another LIFX light/s in another room? 

Yes - the buttons can be programmed to control another LIFX light somewhere else in the home. You can even set your button up to turn on a Scene. 



Can I reconfigure a button? 

Yes. To reconfigure a button, simply tap on your desired button that you would like to change. From there you can change the following:  

  • Name 
  • Light Type* 
  • Button Target  
  • Wired Connection* 


*Note, some items—like Light Type and Wired Connection—will be hard to change absent of a Factory Reset. If you’re looking to change your LIFX light, as long as the update doesn’t require the light to be wired to the Switch, you can easily make the change. If your LIFX Light or Non-LIFX Light requires a new wired connection, you’ll need to call in an electrician and initiate a Factory Reset.  



Can I set schedules for my Switch? 

Yes, you can. Currently the LIFX App only supports you setting a schedule for the entire Switch (vs. each button within the Switch). To set a Schedule or learn how to edit a Schedule, please review this help article 



Does LIFX switch support 2-way control? 

Conventional 2-Way control isn’t yet supported. You can, however, control the lights both with the LIFX Switch and with the LIFX app, as well as any other 3rd party integrations you have. 



How do I set up voice? 

Switch is currently compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can learn about how to set-up these configurations here: 

Google Home 

Amazon Alexa 

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