LIFX Switch Installation  


How do I install my Switch? 

Before we get started, we have to drop in some very important safety notices. Even if you were Evil Knievel, we wouldn’t recommend skipping over this section: 



Important Safety Notices 

The LIFX Switch MUST be installed by a licensed electrician in accordance with local rules and codes 

  • Neutral wire required to the Switch 
  • Electrical power must be cut off before installation/repair 
  • Do not overload! Each gang is rated to 250W with a total load to the Switch of 1000W. There is a risk of overheating or fire if these limits are exceeded. 

    IMPORTANT: Incorrect installation may result in electric shock 
    or electrocution. 



Can I install the Switch myself? 

If you live in Australia, the answer is NO. The LIFX Switch must be installed by a licensed electrician in accordance with local rules and codes. If you live in the US, we still highly recommend that your Switch is installed by a licensed electrician and will only ever encourage you to do so (because, safety first) 


Ok, my licensed electrician is here – what's next? 

With the wall mounting box and electrical wiring in place, the switch can be installed. 


  1. Open the front cover with a small flat head screwdriver 



 2. Connect the wire to the terminals as needed and tighten the screws. It is not necessary to terminate every output, since the relays will be configured in the LIFX app to either be operable or latched open if configured for soft switching operations. 


 3. Once all wires are securely connected, affix the Switch chassis to the mounting bracket or box using the supplied screws as shown. 



4. Reattach the face plate securely.  



WARNING! Do not power the Switch from the main circuit board without the face plate securely attached due to risk of shock or electrocution 

 1. Once the faceplate has been securely attached, power the LIFX Switch circuit from the main supply.

2. Wait 3 seconds.

3. The backlights on the Switch buttons will be faintly illuminated indicating successful installation. 


Your LIFX Switch is now ready for use and configuration using the LIFX app.  

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