Troubleshooting the Switch 

How do I Reboot the Switch? 

1. Hold down the bottom button. 

2. If your Switch is installed horizontally (or landscape) look for the button furthest away from the status LED light (see image below).    


3. After 3 seconds the status LED will turn red and there will be a haptic pulse.  


4. Release the button within 2 seconds and the Switch will reboot. If the button is not released within this period, the Switch will return to its previous state, i.e. no reboot. 


Alternatively, and if the Switch is connected to your Wi-Fi, you can use the LIFX app and go to Device Settings to perform this action.  





How do I Factory Reset the Switch? 

Important! The Switch is Factory Reset when Setup Mode is entered. Performing this action will require you to discover, setup and configure your Switch from the beginning. 


1. Hold down all buttons 


2. After 10 seconds the status LED will flash green and there will be a haptic pulse. This is indication that you’ve entered Setup Mode. Now it’s time to Onboard your Switch to your Wi-Fi. Do so by doing the following: 


3. Release the buttons and the Switch. The status LED will now flash green to indicate it is discoverable. 


4. Open the app and select “Add New Device” and follow the prompts to connect to the Wi-Fi network. 


5. Once the Switch has connected to the Local Wi-Fi network, the status LED will change to green and then turn off after 60 secs 


If the Switch is connected to a Wi-Fi network and is show in the LIFX app, you can reset it from the Device Settings screen. 






How do I enter and exit Setup Mode from the Switch? 

1. Continue holding all buttons down beyond the 10 second point.  


2. After 15 seconds the Status LED will turn off and Setup Mode will be cancelled 



Other Troubleshooting:


Why does my Scene only turn on (or off)? 

Think of Scenes as a Snapshot in time that can only be triggered in one direction. If you want to set up a Scene to your Switch and be able to control it both turning on and off, we recommend you create a Scene to turn your desired lights on and then create a Scene to turn your desired lights off. From there you can configure two buttons on your Switch, respectively. 


Will the switch work if my internet connection is disabled? 

Your non-smart lights will still work, but your smart lights require internet connectivity. 


I’m running old Halogen lights. How many can I run from one switch channel? 

Each switch channel will support a total of 250W of lighting So 5x 50W bulbs could be connected to one channel. Simply sum up all the lights on the circuit and make sure it totals under 250W. 


Can I run my Switch locally? 

Yes, you can. However, if you choose to run the Switch locally your LIFX bulbs will not work from the Switch itself. We would recommend setting up your Switch with Non-LIFX bulbs if you want to run your Switch locally.  


I’ve set up a new network / changed my password, how do I re-connect my lights? 

If you’ve changed your Wi-Fi password or set up a new router with a new password, you will need to reset your switch and connect it through the app as you did the first time you connected it. This is so you can assign the new, correct password for the security of the device. 


What if the power goes out?  

Power outages happen. When the power comes back on, your non-smart lights will all be in the off state. LIFX lights that are wired, however, will be on.  

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