Control: Name Tags and Group Cards for Lights

What does tapping a name do?

What does tapping the card do?

How do I access my individual lights?

How do I control all my lights at once?


Name Tags

Tapping the Name Tag allows you to control more than brightness and on and off control

Tapping the name tag will allow you to access:

• Color + White Wheels

• Themes

• Palette (and Paint + Fill)

• Favorites

• More Options


group_name_tag.png - a group name tag

 Device_Name.png - an individual light name tag

Tapping and holding a name tag will allow you to fade the item on or off.


Group Cards

Tapping anywhere on the card except the Name Tag will expand the group.


Expanding the group gives the ability to access and control individual lights in the group.


Collapsing the group gives you the ability to quickly control all the lights in the group by tapping the group name tag, or the brightness of all in individual lights with the Group Brightness Slider.



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