These instructions relate to App 4.0. Please make sure you have the latest version prior to following these instructions. Download for iOS or Android.


  1. Click on the '+' button in the bottom menu on the far right.
  2. In the Add screen, click 'new schedule' and click on what type of schedule you'd like to create (in this case, click the smaller 'new schedule' button.)
  3. Give your schedule a meaningful or memorable name so that you can recognise it on your daily schedule.
  4. Read through the schedule description and change any of the details to suit by clicking on the grey buttons (eg. click on the time to change the time)
  5. Once everything is done click the green save button.

What can you can set in a schedule?

Time — This is the time the schedule will 'trigger'. You can set a fixed time, or 'sunset' or 'sunrise' based on your location.

Set my — This is the lights that you want the schedule to use. You can choose 'Location', which means all the lights at the location will be effected - this is handy if you want your whole house to turn off at 11pm each night or after you've left for work. Otherwise, you can click on the drop down and change to groups, individual lights or a Scene. If you choose a scene, it will use the lights and settings in the scene you've already pre-set.

Power — This option is to set the light to change state, so if you want them to come on or turn off you can set this here. If you are using the schedule to follow another and adjust colour and other aspects then you'll probably want to set it to 'Leave Unchanged' - this means the lights in the group that were on will stay on and anything that was off will stay off.

Color — Select a color you want to be the 'final state' of the scene. If you set a duration, the light will blend from one colour to another over that time, or fade from off to on and so on. 

Brightness — Much like color, this is the 'final state' you want the lights to be at after the duration. 

Duration ('Fade over') — This is how long it will take to go from the original state of the lights to the final state you are setting here. This is great for waking up or going to sleep with simple off to on or on to off fading, but also works to create gentle transitions from cool to warm light or from one colour to another as a sort of ambient timer.

Repeat on — This is where you set the days you would like the schedule to run on. It will appear on your weekly schedule on these days. You can set it to be a once off, Everyday, Weekdays, Weekends or by custom days.

Extra features:
With Night Vision — If you have a LIFX + bulb, you can set your night vision infrared to turn on at various brightness levels here. This can be in addition to lighting effects or could be activated when the light turns off (remember, infrared light isn't visible to the human eye so you can have it on when your whole house is dark and not disturb your sleep.) 

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