Control: How to turn on and off your lights at location, groups and individual levels

These instructions relate to App 4.0. Please make sure you have the latest version prior to following these instructions. Download for iOS or Android.


What can you do with the Dashboard controls?

The Home Dashboard is for on the fly, non-routine light control. For things you do frequently as part of your day, look to automate with schedules and for saved states you use frequently over lots of groups you'll find scenes more convenient (having a morning, evening and night scene can be very handy if your routine changes a lot but your general habits don't.)

Use the dashboard switches you can control:

  • The Location (top left) - On/Off
  • Groups - On/Off, Dimming
  • Individual Lights - On/Off

The Location Switch:

This is the power switch in the top left corner. This toggles the power for the whole location.
It's great for turning off all lights that are on as you leave the house or are about to go to sleep, or lighting the whole place up if you're nearly home and it's dark out.

A Group Switch:

If the group card is 'closed' (you will see the full group image on the card and a single, larger dimmer switch. No lights will be listed in this top level view) you will be able to tap to turn the switch off and on and drag to tune the brightness. If you tap the switch it will jump to the last brightness you set (so if it was on at 10%, it will jump on to 10% when you next tap it.)

When the group is 'open', this dimmer switch will shrink and become a regular power switch with tap for on/off functionality.

Tap on the name of the group to get colours and white temperature control for the group. 

A Light Switch:

These appear when your group cards are 'open'. At this level you're controlling lights one by one. You can click the switch that sits to the right of a lights name to turn it off / on. Tap on the name of the light to get finer control and colours. 


A switch that is colored and 'up' is active. It means the light is on, or one, some or all of the lights at the group or location are on. A switch that is dull and in the down position is inactive, meaning the light, group or location is off. 

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