Set the Scene: Creating and editing Effects

These instructions relate to App 4.0. Please make sure you have the latest version prior to following these instructions. Download for iOS or Android.


Effects are located with Scenes on the Action Screen, which can be accessed by swiping to the far left when you are in the Home tab (the yellow house on the main menu at the bottom). Scenes will be at the top of the Action Screen and Effects will be listed below. If you have a lot of scenes you may beed to scroll down to find Effects.

Enabling Effects

  • To activate an Effect, click on the illustrated button of the effect you want to use.
    If using the particular effect for the first time on App 4, follow the prompts and choose and target light, group, or location.

If you have used the particular effect before it will remember your previous settings, including the light/lights to apply it to.

  • To view the details of, or edit an effect tap the grey "name tag" on the Effect. 
  • The settings for each effect will be listed at the bottom of the setting screen and can be adjusted.
  • You can also tap the Play Button at the bottom of the Effect Settings screen to play or pause the effect.

Editing an Effect or changing the light or group an Effect is applied to:

  • Click the grey 'name tag' bar and select the current light or group listed under "run ___ on...". This will bring up the options for this effect.  
    - In the drop down, you can choose group to make the effect run on a group of lights.
    - you can also change other variables like speed or options relevant to the effect here.
    - you can activate and deactivate the effect in this menu also
  • When you are done customising your effect, you can leave the page (slide the pop-up control screen down or tap the down arrow in the top left). It will automatically save for you.

Effects can be applied to a single light, group or whole locations, they do not work on multiple groups or lights simultaneously. We are currently working on making Action controls more powerful and these will be rolled out over future releases.

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