Control: Using LIFX with Apple Watch

The LIFX Apple Watch app has been designed to complement the mobile version. It allows for lights to be toggles on/app, color changes, and brightness control.

Brightness and color control

  • Lights, groups, and favorites can be toggled on and off from the Home Screen
  • To change color or brightness select the light name
  • To change color choose from the pre-set color palette on the left
  • Control the brightness via the toggle on the left side


  • Favorites saved in the mobile app will automatically appear on your Apple Watch
  • This can include groups and scenes, simply tap to see full settings and select the Love Heart icon beside the name to save a favorite
  • Favorites can be put in a specific order that will appear on the Apple Watch via the mobile app 
  • To do this, select the settings wheel from the bottom menu of the mobile App, choose Favorites, then press and hold your saved Favorites to change the order


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