Effects have a new home and can be accessed by swiping to the far left on the Home Screen. This is the Action screen.


Effects are located with Scenes on the Action Screen. Scenes will be at the top of the Action Screen and effects will be below. If you can't see them because you have lots of scenes, just scroll down to find the section.

Use Effects

  • To activate an Effect, click on the illustrated button of the effect you want to use.
    If using the particular effect for the first time on App 4, follow the prompts and choose and target light, group, or location.

If you have used the particular effect before it will remember your previous settings, including the light/lights to apply it to.

  • To view the details of, or edit an effect tap the grey "name tag" on the Effect. 
  • The settings for each effect will be listed at the bottom of the setting screen and can be adjusted.
  • You can also tap the Play Button at the bottom of the Effect Settings screen to play or pause the effect.

Effects can be applied to a single light, group or whole locations, they do not work on multiple groups or lights simultaneously. We are currently working on making Action controls more powerful and these will be rolled out over future releases.

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