Schedules now have a dedicated section within the LIFX app that also includes the Day & Dusk feature. To access Schedules simply swipe to the far right on the Dashboard.

Navigating Schedules

  • The Schedules Homepage  will default to the current day of the week
  • Any set schedules set for that day will be ordered by time with Day & Dusk schedules at the top of the page
  • To view all schedules select the three vertical white lights in the top right corner

Creating new  Schedules

  • Select the  button in the bottom right corner
  • Select “New Schedule” from the menu
  • Choose between “New Schedule” and “Day & Dusk”
  • Name the schedule and step through each of the prompts
  • Press “Save”

Editing Schedules


  • Click on an existing schedule to edit it
  • Step through each of the prompts that appear on screen to edit
  • Press “Save”

Deleting Schedules


  • Click on an existing schedule to edit it
  • Select the more options   in the top right
  • Press “Delete Schedule" 

Day & Dusk

  • Day & Dusk is now located within Schedules
  • To create a new Day & Dusk Schedule, simply follow the steps above and select “Day & Dusk”
  • To edit existing Day & Dusk schedules simply click on the existing Day & Dusk schedule and step through the prompts
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