Control: Dashboard Personalization

The background image for groups and locations in 4.0 is by default an illustration (we even had these made specially for our new app) but we want you to set up your dashboard to suit your home and taste. Group images can be updated to make them more easily identifiable and unique to the user.


Updating background images

  • To change an image, select the group name
  • Click on the More Options (...) in the top right hand corner of the screen (just above the Favorite heart) to bring up more options. 
  • When the Options tab appears, click the “Group Settings” button
  • Under 'cover image', press change
  • From here you can either choose from our preset images (you can toggle between illustrations and photos at the bottom), take a photo using your camera or upload an image from your library. 

Images are not synced between devices and are local to the user’s device. All custom (e.g. from a camera roll) images are never uploaded anywhere and stay on the user’s device.

*Tip* You can save images of gradients or plain colors to give your dashboard a minimal look as seen below.




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