How do I set up my LIFX lights with HomeKit?

How do I set up my LIFX lights with HomeKit?

Setting your LIFX light up to HomeKit will allow for control using the Apple Home app and Siri. Using HomeKit to set up your lights can also be an easier process for setting up your lights on your network. 

Before you begin, please ensure you have access to your HomeKit code included in your LIFX packaging, or the HK-# located on your device. You will also need to have a HomeKit enabled light which are listed in the link above. 

We recommend taking a picture of any codes before you set up your light for easy access on your mobile device.


If you are experiencing consistent issues with HomeKit Setup please read here



Step 1

Download the Apple Home app and enable Siri

You can download the Home app from the App store. 


Step 2

Set up your Home App

Before you can set up your LIFX light, you will first need to set up the Apple Home app. You can find instructions here


Step 3

Reset your light and router

If you've not attempted to set up your light via the LIFX app or Home app before then ignore this step. 

Otherwise, a hardware reset will ensure your lights are available to be detected in your network.

  1. Start with the LIFX light on
  2. Turn your light off and on at the wall 5 times slowly at consistent intervals 
  3. Reset your router



Step 4

Add your light to HomeKit

To add your light to HomeKit, view the steps here. 

You will also want to ensure you connect your light with your 2.4ghz band Wi-Fi (avoid using any Wi-Fi extenders for this step) with a strong connection.

Once the light is set up to the Home app, you will have basic controls over the LIFX light. If you wish to have remote control over your lights, you will also need a compatible Apple device to act as the Home Hub (more information


Step 5

Add your light to LIFX for the full experience

Your light may now appear within the LIFX app under the 'Almost Done' section. Tap the label of your device name and complete the set up steps of adding your light to a location and group, and giving it a name. Once completed, your light will now appear on your Dashboard in the LIFX app.

Adding your light to the LIFX app gives you access to features like Effects and Scheduling which are pretty neat!



Still not working? Try a different way of adding your LIFX light

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