Control: Painting LIFX Z, Tile and Beam

This article is about:
How do I paint my LIFX Beam, Tile, Z Strip?
How do I add colors to my palette?
How do I turn off parts of my LIFX?
How do I delete colors in my palette?
How do I save my painting as a scene?

You can paint color on to the feature lighting products from LIFX: LIFX Z, LIFX Beam, and LIFX Tile.

Here's what it looks like to do this on a Z Strip:



Painting your lights

To paint colors onto your devices, first start by tapping your feature light name in the LIFX app.

Once you have accessed the light control screen, tap on PALETTE.


Make sure to tap the PAINT option, so you can "paint" color onto your lights.


Painting your light to have some zones be off

Want to have just part of your LIFX Z strip, Tile, or Beam lit up? Well, now you can.

We've added a feature to allow you to paint your LIFX so part of it is off, if that's what you would like to do.


Choose the Black color option at the bottom of all the colors, and then paint the section(s) you want to turn off.

You can also start with the light off, and paint sections you want to have color applied to.

Now you are ready to start creating custom looks with your lights.

In the example below, you can see, you tap the color you want to use, and then paint your finger across the LIFX in the top of this section. The image represents your light, and you can see the result immediately on your LIFX.

Tip: If your strip is painting the opposite way, double tap the strip. It will flip direction in the app




Adding and editing colors, and saving your painting as a scene

To add a colour to palette you must select the color in the color or whites wheel, and use the more options (...) button in the top right 


You can change and edit your color palette by holding down a color in the palette section. Tap reset to restore defaults and done to save your changes.



Once you have created your color masterpiece, make sure to consider saving it as a Scene in the app, so you can easily get back to this look, with one tap, or even a voice command from your favorite voice service.



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