With iOS 12, there is now support for Siri Shortcuts.

Siri shortcuts are a great way to customize your use of Siri, to automate ordering of food, or transit, or controlling your LIFX lights. It's a great way to create custom statements to control your lights via Siri.

As you use your LIFX app with iOS 12, Siri should recognize the things you do most with your LIFX app. If you are already using voice control, this may not populate. But if you are using the LIFX app to change settings on lights, or activate a scene, often, Siri should learn these, and present them as customizable Siri Shortcuts.

The best way to create shortcuts is to download the Siri Shortcuts app


Accessing Shortcuts

Once you have downloaded the Siri Shortcuts app, open it, and you should find an empty library. It's ok if you have used this before, there will just be additional shortcuts available.

With the Siri Shortcuts app open, search for LIFX. You should find some common things you might have done recently with the app, suggested as Shortcuts you can create.



Now, lets look at how to create a specific shortcut. In this example, my two Patio lights will be turned "Off", using Siri.

The first thing to do is actually to open the LIFX app, and turn these lights off. I've also turned them on in app first, so I could turn them back off.

You will see you now have "Turn Patio On" and "Turn Patio Off" as suggested shortcuts.


Tap the "i" button next to the shortcut you want to setup.

Now, we want to add to the Shortcut, so tap "Add to this shortcut"

Then, tap the options button, to configure more of the shortcut.



The Settings screen is where you can really configure and finish the shortcut.

First, you can change the icon, and color of the image that represents the shortcut. In this case, I have chosen to leave the shortcut blue, and change it to a lightbulb icon.



Next, give the shortcut a meaningful name. In this case, it's turning off my patio lights, so I'm calling it simply "Patio Off"


Last, you will want to actually add this to Siri, so you can activate the command from your phone by activating Siri, or if you have it setup, simply by saying, "Hey Siri," and then your custom command name.

Tap the record button, and record your own phrase. It can be simply, or kitchy. I've chosen "Patio Off", but you could record any phrase you want, like "Darkness Outdoors" as an example.



Finally, it's time to test my new shortcut.

You can see it's been saved in my Siri Shortcut Library. Now, I activate Siri on my phone, and say "Patio Off". You can see, Siri has run my shortcut, and all my LIFX now have the potential to be voice controlled using Siri.





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