Location refers to the house or apartment where the lights are being used. This feature is intended to be used when you have lights at more than one physical location. You could also use it to separate a large number of LIFX lights into different segments of your home. But you can only control the lights from a selected location, when you have multiple locations in the LIFX app.

Below covers how to edit a location, how to create a new location, and how to switch between locations in the LIFX app.


Editing Location Name

To edit the name of a location, do the following:

1. Tap the "All Lights" name in the list of lights (dashboard) on your LIFX app

2. Tap the gear icon on the control screen for all your lights


3. Tap the name of the location to rename it.



Creating a New Location

To create a another location, do the following:

1. Tap the name of a light you want to put in this new location

2. Tap the gear icon in the control screen for your light


3. Tap the name of the location

4. Tap "New Location" to create a location


5. Give the new location a name and tap OK


Your light will be in a new location, with that name, and a default group of "My Room". To rename lights see Name or Rename LIFX lights. To rename and manage groups, see Name or Rename LIFX Groups. 

Note: Once you have multiple locations, you will no longer be able to control ALL the lights at once. The "All Lights" button will apply only to "all lights" in a saved location.

To remove a location, follow the steps above, in reverse order, moving all your lights into a single location. Once there are no lights in a named location, it will be removed from the app automatically.


Switching Locations in the app

To switch between locations, tap the name of the location at the top of the dashboard, and choose the location you want to control.

1. Tap the location with the caret to the left.

2. Tap the location you would like to access


The LIFX app will show you all the lights that are in the selected location, and "All Lights" and "All Groups" buttons will control only the lights within that location.

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