Control: How to name or delete a location

These instructions relate to App 4.0. Please make sure you have the latest version prior to following these instructions. Download for iOS or Android.

Naming a Location


  1. Click the location name at the top of the Home Dashboard or, if you have multiple locations, click the drop down and choose the grey "name tag" bar of the one you are wanting to name/rename.
  2. To edit, click the three dots (...) in the top right hand corner of the screen (just above the Favorite heart), then click on the “Locations Settings” button with the cog.
  3. Click on the text of the location name to edit. You can now delete the name and enter your preferred name. You can also edit the location image here (which will show if you have multiple locations).

Deleting a Location

To Delete a location, you will need to move all lights that are on the location to another in the light settings.

  1. From the Home Dashboard (where you see all of your groups), click on the grey “name tag” bar for an individual light in the Location you want to remove. Note: if your group doesn't have the individual lights shown, just click on the area of the group card with the image. This will expand the group so that you can see all of the lights listed.
  2. You will need to edit the light's settings. To do this, click on the three dots (...) in the top right hand corner of the Color Wheel screen (just above the Favorite heart) to bring up the edit panel.
  3. Click 'Light Settings'
  4. Under 'Set Up' there is a 'location' Panel with a little house icon. Click the grey “name tag” bar under this to switch the location.
  5. Click on the Location you want to continue using or use the 'New Location' button to create a different one. 
  6. Click 'Save' and return to the Home Dashboard. Repeat on all relevant lights in the location and assign them to your preferred locations.

    Once all lights are removed, the location will disappear from your list, as it has no lights assigned.



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