You can now control your LIFX lights directly with Cortana. You do not need to install the LIFX app on your Windows 10 device, to use this feature. (Currently US only)

Setup Instructions

Activate Cortana, then choose the Notebook icon (pasted_image_0-2.png) on the left hand side. In the notebook choose “Connected Home”.


Make sure “Enable Connected Home” is set to “On” then click on LIFX in the list of providers. Click the “Connect Button”. Sign in with your LIFX credentials, and click “Authorize” to allow Cortana access to your LIFX account.

You can now use Cortana to control your LIFX lights. 

Using Cortana with your LIFX lights

Cortana can be activated in two ways. The first is by clicking the microphone button on the windows taskbar then speaking your command. Additionally if Cortana is configured to listen all the time, you can trigger Cortana by saying “Hey Cortana” followed by the command.

Creating Groups for Cortana voice control

To control multiple lights at once, name them similar things in the LIFX app. For example to make a group named desk, name your lights 'Kitchen 1', 'Kitchen 2' and so on... Then you’ll be able to control your lights as a group, like the examples below.

"Turn off Kitchen lights"

"Dim the Kitchen lights"

Power Control

Using Cortana you can control the power status of your LIFX lights with the following commands:

"Turn on Kitchen lights"

"Turn off Desk light"

"Turn on all the lights"

Brightness Control

Cortana can control the brightness of LIFX lights using the following commands.

"Dim the lights" - Dims all lights by 20%

"Set the kitchen lights to 70%" - Brightness must be a multiple of 5%

"Dim the Desk light by 17%" - In this command brightness can be any percentage

"Dim the Hallway light" - Dims the selected light by 20%








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