LIFX Tile is a unique lighting experience, that allows you to create a lighting feature on your wall.

Setting up your Tile

For a helpful Step By Step set up guide  Download this guide

Allow plenty of time when setting up your Tile. Before getting started we recommend:

  • Tile set-up can be done alone, but it’s easier with two people.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is set to a 2.4Ghz network
  • Before assembly, clean and dry the surface where the Tile will be placed
  • Connect and test the Tile before installing on a wall
  • Allow 3M strips to set for 1 hour without weight
Adding more Tiles

We recommend adding all Tiles during the initial set-up. If you need to add more at a later date, complete the following:

  1. Unplug the power adapter from power point
  2. Add additional Tiles in your desired arrangement
  3. Plug power adaptor back into powerpoint
  4. Tiles should light up either light or white to indicate they are controllable

Maximum 5 Tiles per Power Supply.

Reseting Your Tile
  1. Start with the Tile on
  2. Turn the Tile off and on at the wall 5 times slowly at consistent intervals
  3. The Tile will flash red > green > blue and white to signify success
  4. You will now need to reconnect your Tile to the app

Scenario 1

“One or more of my individual Tiles is appearing as red”

  • This could be because of the port on the back of the Tile, Cable end or Cable
  • Ensure all cables are fully inserted into the back of the Tiles
  • Reset your Tiles (see instructions above)
  • If Tile/s still appear as red, use the known good cables (attached to blue/white Tile) and use to test each Tile individually
  • If all Tiles work with good cable, test each cable individually
  • If a Tile that was blue turns red after the cable was plugged in the cable may be faulty

Scenario 2

“When I click into the app it shows fewer Tiles than I have”

  • Unplug the Tile from the power supply and reset (see above instructions)
  • If multiple Tiles not appearing in the app, remove first affected Tile from the lineup, plugin remaining tiles and check the app to see the number on onboarded

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