With the release of the LIFX Mini Day & Dusk, we have added Day & Dusk scheduling to the LIFX app. This allows you some more automation options to have your lights change throughout the day. Day & Dusk is designed by default, to mimic the change of light color, similar to the sun's daylight color shift throughout the day.


Accessing Day & Dusk Schedules

To access the Day & Dusk settings, tap the name of a light, or a group

Then tap the Day & Dusk icon in the lower right of the control screen for the light or group.

In this example we'll be automating schedules for 3 lights in a Dining Room



There is a lot to customize here, but once you know what is possible, it's quick and easy to create some powerful scheduling. Lets take a look at what you can do.

By Default, the schedule is off. Once you tap on, there is a lot to look at and customize.



Days of the Week

Let's start with an easy to change setting. Change your Day & Dusk schedules to occur on specific days of the week. By default, the schedules run every day.

Tap on "Every Day" and you can change what days your schedules will run. Simply tap a day to remove the checkmark, and skip that day.

Note: you can return to this screen anytime, from the same group, and tap days to change which days these schedules occur.

Once you have chosen your days, tap < to return to the main screen for Day & Dusk.






Editing Schedules

Now that we have set days of the week, lets look at what we can set for the lights.

By tapping on the time of one of the Day & Dusk sections, we can access the editing screen:


Notice all the options we have for the "Wake Up" section. These options are available for each of the 4 sections.

As you can see there are options for editing TIME, WHITE TEMPERATURE, and BRIGHTNESS.


Editing Start Time

Tap the time, and you can edit the start time for the current section of the Day & Dusk schedule.

You can start any section, at any time of the day, as long as it does not overlap the next section. So, for example, if the "DAY" section is set for 8AM, the "WAKE UP" section would have to be set to 7:30AM or earlier. Plan ahead to change the sections start times, so you can set the earliest time last, to be able to move it to the time you want.



Changing White Kelvin Temperature & Brightness

Next, we will look at how to change White light Kelvin temperature for the schedule section.

Note below the OFF and ON options, you can see the Kelvin temperature, and brightness settings. This will change temperature settings, as you tap and drag the circle on the line. The Kelvin temperatures are the same that are available in the Whites Wheel for controlling your lights. Choose the one that fits your need for waking up, midday light, or sunset as you arrive home in the evenings.

Brightness works very similar to White Temperature. A slider appears that allows you to choose a brightness from 1%-100%.



Using Day & Dusk Schedules for On AND Off, for your LIFX

It is also possible to turn any section of the Day & Dusk schedules to OFF. This allows for the time between two other sections, to have the lights be off. Make sure you set the desired time, and then tap OFF. You can do this from the editing screen shown below, or from the main Day & Dusk screen. 

In this example, we've set the Dining Room lights to turn on at 7AM, turn off at 8AM. Then, they turn back on at 6PM, and off again at 11PM. 

This works great for having lights come on in the morning when you are getting ready, and then come on again in the evening, when you arrive home. And you do not have to worry about turning them off when you go to bed, they will just do it automatically.



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