Step by Step Instructions for setup: 
If you are running into setup issues with your LIFX bulb, there are some things you can try to resolve these issues.
Certain Routers and "Airtime Fairness" or "Wi-Fi Multi-Media (WMM)"
Newer routers from Asus, Netgear, Cisco, Ubiquiti, and others have an option called Airtime Fairness or Wi-Fi Multi-Media (WMM), which can cause low bandwidth devices like LIFX lights to fall off the network or show as non-responsive in the app.
Please login to your wireless router settings and DISABLE Airtime Fairness and/or WMM this will create the best environment for your LIFX lights.
In your router settings it is usually under:
Wireless>Professional>Airtime Fairness > Set to Disabled
An article on what it is
These are steps to troubleshoot issues with setup of your LIFX bulbs:

Power Cycle all parts of the system

This may be a simple step, but it is one that can often fix many issues, sometimes without explanation.
  1. Phone or Tablet: Power cycle your phone or tablet. A power cycle means to shut down the device, and power back up. This step will be different, depending on if your device is an iOS device, or Android device.
  2. Router: To power cycle your router, often, there is no power button. Unplug mains power to the device, wait about 30 seconds, and then plug back in mains power. Please check your owner's manual for the device. There may be a different method for power cycling.
  3. LIFX Bulb: Power off the lamp, or light switch the bulb is connected to, and power back on. Another step which can be helpful when having issues, is to Hardware Reset the LIFX bulb.

Bulb direct Wi-Fi connection issues

  1. Turn off cellular data on your iOS or Android device during setup. This will make sure the device is connecting to the bulb Wi-Fi during setup.
    The latest OS versions for many devices have warnings about network security. They also try to keep internet access for each connection. LIFX bulbs do not have an internet connection until connected to your Home Wi-Fi. This can cause issues during setup, with these newer operating system versions.

Same network name (SSID) and password for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks

Have a dual band router, and having issues with connections?
Try disabling the 5Ghz band, or changing the SSID for the 5Ghz network band during setup.
Depending on how the router works, it may not route the LIFX bulb to the correct band, causing failure in setup. By disabling the 5Ghz channel, or changing the SSID, you make the router send 2.4Ghz connection to your LIFX. After setup, the network can be set back to the original shared SSID.

AP Isolation

AP isolation is a feature of many routers. This is sometimes called Client Isolation, or Guest Isolation mode. It allows for you to provide internet to devices, without allowing them to talk to devices on the LAN. For LIFX bulbs, this setting disables setup, and control of the bulbs on the local network. Turn off this feature, in order for setup and local control to work.
Many routers have Guest Networks, which do this by default. For these routers, you will not be able to use the Guest Network feature, for the connection of your LIFX bulbs. LIFX need to be on the main network, if you cannot disable this feature on the Guest Network for your router model.


Most routers are set to auto-channel be default. This means, when setup, or power cycled, it will scan the area and pick a network channel to operate on.
Routers outside the United States sometimes have settings to access channels 12-14. LIFX bulbs only support channels 1-11.
Change your router channel from Auto, to channel 1, 6, or 11. This should improve network functionality, and allow for you to complete setup.

Firewalls and Port blocking

Firewalls, and port blocking can prevent cloud connection for LIFX.
Cloud account is required for external services, like IFTTT and Amazon Echo control.
LIFX use port 56700 to connect to for connection to your Cloud account. If this port is blocked, you will need to enable access to this port. This is not a common default setting for routers. But if your router prevents access, the setting needs to get updated.
If you need help with changing the firewall settings:
  1. For internet provider routers, contact your provider.
  2. For a router you own, contact the manufacturer.

Smart Setup

This is a feature only on BT Internet services in the UK. Smart setup can prevent correct setup of some devices. These include Chromecast, and LIFX bulbs. Follow the steps on this BT support article, BT support article, to disable Smart Setup on your BT Homehub. This should fix any setup issues for BT Hubs.


Step by Step Instructions for setup: 





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