LIFX lights come with a default name. Renaming LIFX lights can be very helpful when you want to use voice control via Amazon Echo, Google Home, or using Siri, via HomeKit compatible LIFX lights.

To Rename, or reorganize your LIFX Lights, see the steps below

Rename a Light

1. Tap on the name of the light, under the power button for the light.

2. Tap on 'Settings Gear' in the upper right hand corner


3. Tap on the existing name

4. Delete the existing name and type in the new name


5. Tap Done in the Menu of the settings screen, and the name will be saved


Note: You can also move the light to another existing group or location, or create a new group or location, by tapping the group name.

For more information see Location Settings in the LIFX app, or Naming and renaming groups.

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