Firmware updating your LIFX lights

After setup of your bulbs, there may be a firmware update for your bulbs.


Updating your LIFX lights

To update your lights, to make sure they are on the latest version:

1. Open the LIFX app, and tap the settings gear for the app

2. Then Tap "Update Firmware" to check if you have any lights that require an update.


3. The app will list any lights that require an update, and provide a pop-up to start the update

4. Tap Ok to start the update


5. Leave the updater section open, and do not power off any LIFX lights during the update

6. Once the update is complete, you can tap the < in the upper right, to exit the Update section of the app.


Note: Best practices when encountering issues updating:

1. Update bulbs 1 at a time when possible

2. Update bulbs in close proximity to the router


Troubleshooting Firmware Updates

If you run into issues with updating your LIFX bulb firmware:

If the Updater fails:

1. Try running it again

If that doesn't work:

1. Power off the light(s)
2. Wait 5 seconds
3. Power on the light
4. Wait 30 seconds
5. Run updater again

If you are seeing repeated failure notices on your device:

1. Download the LIFX firmware updater, for Mac, Windows or Linux
2. Run the update from your computer

If the updater is quickly showing 'All Bulbs Up to Date' without showing any progress, please force quit app and reopen, and run updater again.

If you are still having issues with completing the update, please try temporarily disabling wireless N on your Wi-Fi router. Effectively, this is changing your 2.4Ghz network to be 802.11 b, g compatible, or 802.11g only. Once the update is complete, you will be able to re-enable the n settings on your router.

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