Color 1000, White 800, White 900 Lights
LBA19, BUL-11-A19, and LBB30 Model numbers
My LIFX is flashing dim white, bright white, when I power it on.
LIFX Z strip is not providing any light after a firmware update, or app update
If you reset your LIFX, and see one of the issues above, the light is in Rescue Mode.
Follow these steps to make sure the Rescue Mode network shows up.
1. Power off your router (you will need to leave it off, until the rescue mode network appears)
2. Power cycle the light
3. The light will flash dim/bright for a few seconds (LIFX Z will remain dark), and then stop. Wait a minute or so, and the light should start flashing again.
The Rescue Mode network should show up in the list of Wi-Fi networks on your computer or phone.
To update the light, do the following:
1. Download the latest firmware updater for your Mac, Windows or Linux computer
2. Connect your computer to the LIFX Rescue_mode Wi-Fi network.
3. Run the updater with the computer connected to the LIFX light's rescue mode SSID.
Once the update is complete, you can power up your router again, and setup the light on your network.
This should reinstall and update the firmware for your LIFX light.
If you encounter any more issues with this process, email support for more help.
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