Creating Groups and moving LIFX lights to other groups

The LIFX app is prepared for you to add multiple lights in your home, and allows you to group them. Grouping lights can be helpful to control a lamp with multiple bulbs in it, or even an entire room of lights.

NOTE: You must claim your lights to your cloud account for groups to work properly - Learn how to claim your lights

In the example below, we will be setting up a light to a new group, after connecting the light to the cloud. The default group name is "My Room"

Creating a New group

1. Tap the name of the bulb you want to move to a different group

2. In the control screen, tap the settings gear in the upper right of the screen

3. Tap the name of the group the light is in currently, in this case "My Room"


4. Tap "New Group", to create a new group for this light and give it a name

5. Tap "OK" and the light is in the new group, named "Office"


Note: If you want to remove a group, move all bulbs out of that group into other groups, and that group will disappear.


Moving LIFX lights to another group

When connecting lights to the LIFX cloud, for services like Schedules, Scenes, and Alexa & Google Home voice control, the default group will chosen alphabetically, so if you have a group named Bedroom for example, any new light when connected to cloud, will likely choose bedroom as the default group.

In the example below, we are moving a light that is in the indoor entry, from the group titled "Porch", to another existing group called "Hallway" which is more useful for controlling all the lights in the Hall, in this home.


1. Choose a light, and tap the name of the light to access the control screen. In this case, we've chosen "Entry"

2. Tap the Settings gear in the upper right of the control screen to access the light's settings

3. Tap on the name of the group the light is currently in.


4. Tap the group you would like to move the light to.

5. Tap "< Edit Light" to return to the settings for the light.


6. Here you can confirm that the light is now in the newly chosen group. Tap "Done" to exit setting, and go back to the light controls. When you return to the light dashboard you will see that light will now turn on and off and be controllable with the new group it was moved to.



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