When products work with Nest, you don’t have to tell them how to connect, or what to do. They automatically work together to help you save energy, get comfortable and stay safe.
Explore the categories below to configure your LIFX lights with Nest.


Scroll down to the integrations tab, and tap the Nest integration button. Tap any of the features you want to use, and you will be prompted to link your Nest account to your LIFX Cloud account.


LIFX integrates with Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect & Nest Cam. 


Light-Up Security

Security with Nest is improved with the addition of LIFX lights.

  • Random Lights While Away - Randomly switch your lights on and off to simulate you are home when Nest detects you're away.
  • Light-up for deterrence - Switch your lights on when your Nest Cam detects motion. You can select which lights come on.



 Save Energy

Use Nest Away Settings, and Rush Hour awareness, to save energy with your lights, as well as your Nest.

  • Dim Lights When Away - Automatically dims your lights to 10% brightness when Nest detects that no one is home.
  • Energy Rush Hour - Alerts you when an energy rush hour period starts by blinking your lights green (or cool then warm for white-only lights) and orange (or warm then cool for white-only lights) when the rush hour ends.
  • When you sign up for Rush Hour Rewards, your power company will pay you to help reduce the load on the electrical grid during Rush Hours (times when demand for energy is high) like a heat wave or cold snap.

Visual Alarms

Use your Nest Protect and LIFX lights, for combined Audio and Visual queues when Protect detects a situation.

  • Nest Protect Alarm - Turns on and flashes your lights when your Nest Protect detects a situation


Thoughtful Dimming

Keep the lights on until the kids are fast asleep. When sound and motion are no longer detected, Nest Cam will gently dim the lights to 5% brightness. 

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