To use IFTTT with your LIFX bulbs, create an account. Once signed in, you can activate the LIFX channel. You will need to link your account by entering your LIFX Cloud account email and password. After that, you can access all bulbs on your account to create "applets" that will control your LIFX. Once you have selected a trigger (IF This), you can choose actions for your LIFX to perform (Then That).
There are hundreds of IFTTT channels. Some are trigger channels, and virtually all trigger channels can control your LIFX. Some examples are:
1. "Breathing" (slow flash), green when I get mentioned in a tweet.
2. If it starts to snow, blink my LIFX lights cyan
3. If Amazon Echos Timer goes off, then blink lifx lights
IFTTT provides a wide array of options for adding value to your connected LIFX bulbs.
Below is a published LIFX applet that shows some possible controls.

Choosing your lights will be unique to your account. You can select All Lights, a group of lights, or a single bulb.
You can also select to activate a scene, or, use bulbs from a scene. Using bulbs from a scene will not use the colors set for the scene. It will let you set the color for the bulbs in the scene, even if they are in different groups.
Once you have chosen your lights, you have Color, Brightness, and Transition time.
For Color choice, "Leave Unchanged" is the default. Above that in the list are white shades that you can choose. Below that are colors that you can choose, if using color enabled LIFX bulbs. Leave unchanged will keep the last color the bulb was set to.

The Brightness setting will allow you to adjust the brightness of the bulb to the list of options below. Again, if you use only one brightness and would like to keep it, you can select "Leave unchanged".

Transition duration menu will let you select how long the transition will take. If you choose instant, the bulbs will fade across colors. This is the same as when you change color using the app's color wheel.
If you pick a longer fade on time, your bulbs will change from current to new settings over this period of time. An example, would be fade on over 5 minutes. For a sunset based recipe like this one in the picture, this could be very cool. As the sun sets, your house will become completely lit by LIFX, without you turning on the lights.

All the settings in this article are for the applet below. If you would like to use this recipe, click on it. It will take you to to make your own selections for having your own LIFX adjust at sunset.

Try your own applets, and be sure to share your favorites!

* There is a new Advanced Options feature, that can be used to further customize your IFTTT recipes.

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