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These instructions relate to App 4.0. Please make sure you have the latest version prior to following these instructions. Download for iOS.

When using the onboarding process for HomeKit compatible LIFX lights, you may encounter the message "Couldn’t Add Accessory” or “Unknown Error Occurred”, either in the LIFX app, during setup, or in Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone.


To address this issue, please first try turning your light off then on as per the app prompts.



If this doesn't work:

1. Hardware reset your lights
2. Go to Wi-Fi in your iPhone Settings
3. Toggle Wi-Fi off and back on 
4. Forget and reconnect to your 2.4Ghz network
5. Find the LIFX light amongst the list of 'Other Networks' in Wi-Fi Settings
6. Tap it, and return to the LIFX app
7. Complete New Device Setup in the LIFX App


If this process fails 3 times, please do the following to get the light connected to your network. Please note that this can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

1. Hardware reset your lights
2. Power on the light and leave it powered on for 20 minutes 
3. The light should now appear as a Wi-Fi network in your iPhone's Wi-Fi settings
4. Connect your phone to the LIFX Wi-Fi network
5. Go to the LIFX App
6. Tap the '+' button in the bottom right of the screen
7. Complete New Device Setup in the LIFX App



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