Step by Step instructions for setup:

When setting up your bulbs, depending on many factors, the process may take a couple of minutes. Please be patient, and wait for the app to provide guidance.
If the light does not appear to be connecting after 90 seconds or so, please try the following:
  1. Force quit the app on your device
  2. Reopen the LIFX app, and see if the light is actually available to complete connection
  3. If the above does not address the issue, please try resetting the light, and try setup again, waiting about 2 minutes after reset, before trying setup

Resetting LIFX

If you have connected a bulb, and it is not appearing in the app, please be patient. Make sure to update to the latest firmware, so you are able to complete setup, and take advantage of all features.
The app should provide a dialogue box with a message if any issues are preventing setup.
For a complete step-by-step setup guide with tips, please visit
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