Scenes are a great way to save your favorite looks. This could be for festive seasons, or even just to set a room or two to a specific Kelvin (white) value, and brightness, with just a tap, or voice command.

Note: to use schedules, scenes, and other LIFX integrations, you need to make sure your lights are connected to your LIFX cloud account.

To create a scene:

1. Start by setting your lights to the desired color/brightness for the scene. This might be one color/brightness for all your lights, different colors for all your lights, or even some LIFX on, and some LIFX off. In the example, we will be setting a scene for the Dining and Kitchen lights. They have already been set to the desired color/brightness.

2. Tap the + Button in the upper right corner.

3. Choose NEW SCENE



Naming your Scene

4. Give your scene a useful, memorable name. This will allow you to easily spot it as you create multiple scenes, and it will also be able to be used with Google Home and Alexa voice control.

Once the name is created tap RETURN to save the name.



Choosing lights for the Scene

5. You can choose your whole location, a group, many groups, or individual lights. Select individual lights from one group, or from many groups.

NOTE: If you choose a light that is currently off, it will turn off when you activate the scene.

If you want to use all your lights, your location, and all the lights are already selected by default.

To clear the list and pick individual lights, tap the location, in the example "My Home"



Saving your Scene

6. Tap Save once the lights are selected.

If you have Amazon Alexa, it should automatically update its awareness of your new scene. If you are using Google Home, say "Hey Google, sync my devices" to make sure it is aware of the new information.


To delete a scene:

  1. Tap the name of the scene
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. Tap delete

To edit a scene

  1. Make sure you have the lights set to the desired setting for the scene.
  2. Tap the name of the scene
  3. Tap to add or remove lights by ticking/unticking individual lights or groups
  4. Click Save

Note: If you do not unselect and reselect lights when editing the scene, nothing will change.

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