Cloud Connecting your LIFX

Step by Step on Cloud connection:

The steps below are for connecting a LIFX light to your cloud account. This step is required when you want to use Schedules, Scenes, or integrations like voice control with Alexa, or Google Home.

These steps can also be used if you want to remove a light from your account, and add again later. You can check the status of a light by tapping on it's name then then tap the settings gear.

Note: If your lights show under your Wi-Fi network name within the LIFX app, they have not yet been claimed.

How to Add a light to your cloud account

1. Find the light in the "Almost done..." section
2. Tap the name of the light to get started
3. Tap COMPLETE SETUP to begin final setup of the light in your LIFX app


Choosing the location

If you have setup other lights, you will already have a location, in the example, this is "My Home"
You can tap one of the suggested location names, or tap "New Location" to create a new name.
All the lights in your house should be on one location, so you can easily control them all using the "All Lights" Option
4. Choose your location
5. Tap SET LOCATION to save this location for your light
Choosing a Group
The next step is to set a group for your lights. One easy way to organize your lights is to group them by room. 
6. Tap an existing group, or tap NEW GROUP to create a new group
8. Name your light
9. Tap NAME LIGHT to save the name you have given the light
 Note: With voice control, having a unique and easy to remember name for the light can be helpful.
Completing Setup
Once the light is name, it will complete setup, and connect to your LIFX Cloud account. This will allow it to be used for LIFX app features like Schedules and Scenes.
You can also setup voice services. LIFX Supports all major voice services, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.


Having some trouble connecting to the cloud?

If your bulb was previously connected to the cloud and now shows "disconnected" turn the light off/on one time and wait 30 seconds to see if it reconnects.

You will be able to tell this as the Location and Group will be selected



Step by Step on Cloud connection:



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