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Schedules allow you to turn your lights on and off, and change colors, allowing you to automate your home lighting.

Before creating schedules, ensure your lights are connected to the cloud. Make sure your lights are connected to the cloud.

Note: a schedule is a single message sent to the light. If you wanted to set a schedule to go on at a certain time and turn off at another time, you will need to create 2 separate schedules. One schedule set to "Turn On" the light(s), and another schedule with start time set to "Turn Off" the light(s).

You can use "Leave Unchanged" as the "Power" option. When this is done, the light will not come on when the schedule occurs, but instead change to the new color settings. When you turn on the light from the LIFX app, or using voice controls, the light will be the expected color for the time of day, based on your schedule.

Creating a LIFX Schedule


Adding a New Schedule

1. Tap the + button in the upper right corner of the app




Naming Your Schedule

3. Choose a name for the schedule by tapping the name, and renaming

Tap DONE, once the schedule is renamed.



Set the Schedule Time

4. Choose a start time for the schedule to occur. Tap the back caret once the schedule time has been set. If you are using a time based schedule, skip to step 7.



Creating a Schedule to work with the Sun (Solar Scheduling)

Solar Schedules

It is also possible to create Schedules to work with the Sun. Based on either Sunrise or Sunset Times.

5. Tap "With The Sun" to choose a Solar based Schedule.

The first time you do this, the app will ask to access your location. This will be used to determine your location, to create a location based Sunrise and Sunset time, that will change daily with your local Sunrise and Sunset times.

Tap "Allow" so the app can determine your location.


6. Choose Sunrise or Sunset as the basis for the schedule.

Then, tap the Start Time, and you can choose to start the schedule up to 3 hours before or after your local Sunrise or Sunset.



Choosing Days to repeat the schedules

7. Choose any repeating days you want the schedule to occur. If you do not choose Repeats, the schedule will only occur once. 



Choosing your LIFX lights for the schedule

8. Choose the light(s), or Scene you want to be triggered by the schedule.

In this example, we've chosen Dining Room, which will include the 3 lights in that group.



Power settings for your Schedule

9. Choose your power action: Turn on, Turn off, or Leave Unchanged

"Turn On" will turn on the lights chosen, "Turn Off" will turn off the lights chosen, and "Leave Unchanged" will keep the same on or off state, but change any brightness/color settings in the next couple screens.



 Brightness Settings

10. Choose Brightness, if you select "Leave Unchanged", the schedule will choose the last known setting of the bulbs



Choosing a Color, or White setting for the schedule

11. Choose Color, if you select "Leave Unchanged", the schedule will choose the last known setting of the bulbs



Setting Infrared to turn on (for security cameras)

12. This only applies to LIFX + lights, with IR. If you do not have LIFX + lights, you should ignore this setting, and leave it set as "Leave Unchanged" and move to step 13.

Choose to turn on your Night Vision for the LIFX + lights, to turn off during the day, and turn on at night.



Setting Fade Duration for the schedule

13. Set the Fade Duration for the schedule. The light can be set to fade on over 1 second, which will be right at the scheduled time, or it can fade slowly on (or off) over a longer period of time, up to 60 minutes.


Once all your settings are chosen, Tap "Save" in the upper right of the schedule, to save your Schedule

Enabling and Disabling schedules

All schedules will be enabled automatically by default, to toggle a schedule on or off, do so by tapping it on the main dashboard the same way you turn on and off a light.

To edit a schedule

1. Tap on the name of the schedule
2. Follow steps 3-13 from above


To Delete a Schedule

If you would like to delete a schedule, first, choose it from your list of schedules in the LIFX light dashboard.

Then, scroll up on the schedule, and below the Fade Duration option for an existing schedule, will be a "Delete Schedule" option.

Tap Delete Schedule, and a confirmation box will appear. If you did not mean to tap Delete Schedule, you have the option to Cancel. If you tap Delete in this confirmation box, the schedule will be removed from your LIFX app, and your LIFX Cloud account.



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