Most connectivity issues are related to Wi-Fi network congestion and setup.

Starting Fresh:

Reset your Router
1. Unplug the power from the back of your router
2. Wait 30 seconds
3. Plug it back in

Naming your Networks
1. Make sure that your 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks DO NOT have the same name

Selecting a Channel
1. Ensure that your on a channel between 1 - 11
2. Higher channels are not compatible

Placement in your House
1. Ensure there is no metal around your router
2. Metal can hinder the signal and create bad connections
3. Ensure you have adequate coverage

Number of Connected Devices
1. A lot of concurrent connections can cause bulbs to drop off the network and become unreachable
2. See Whole Home Wi-Fi solutions below

Wi-Fi Extenders
1. Wi-Fi Extenders have caused problems while controlling your lights


We recommend using a whole home Wi-Fi system

We have tested and recommend:
1. eero -
2. NETGEAR Orbi -
3. Google Wi-Fi -



If that doesn't work, please try moving your Bulbs closer to your router and then try the above again.

You can also enter your network settings by choosing the "Other..." option in the network list.

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