Reset your bulb to default white, without an app

The LIFX White Restore* feature returns your LIFX lights to default white via wall switch:
White Restore*
  1. Flick the wall switch off
  2. Flick the wall switch back on for about 1-2 seconds
  3. Flick the switch off again
  4. Flick the switch back on
This will return your lights to the default 100% brightness on 3500K white, without an app, or voice control. They will be able to be controlled via voice, and the app, within a few seconds after this light switch change.
*Requires latest firmware for  LIFX Original, LIFX White 800, White 900 and LIFX Color 1000 model lights.
*Requires LIFX and LIFX + firmware 2.76 or later  and LIFX Mini bulb firmware 3.41 or later.


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