When will LIFX support Apple HomeKit?

As of September 21, 2017 LIFX supports Apple HomeKit

We are please to bring Apple HomeKit capabilities to our LIFX (A19/BR30) and LIFX + (A19/BR30) product lines.

LIFX Mini, LIFX Z "2" (HomeKit controller), LIFX GU-10, LIFX Downlight are also supported, and will include HomeKit codes in the box with your product.

We expect there will be a few questions:

Do current LIFX (A19/BR30) and LIFX + (A19/BR30) products have all the hardware for HomeKit?

Both LIFX and LIFX + have all the required hardware to support Apple HomeKit.


Will I be able to firmware update my current bulbs to be HomeKit compatible?

For Generation 3 LIFX (A19/BR30) and LIFX + (A19/BR30), yes, we've mapped out the instructions here: HomeKit Code Recovery Process


With iOS 11 out and software authentication an option what about the older products?

Unfortunately, our older generations will not be able to support software authentication for Apple HomeKit.

After looking into all options, there was not a clear path towards implementation with the existing hardware.

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