Wi-Fi Settings Supported

  1. WiFi channels supported 1 through 11. WiFi channels 12, 13 and 14 are not supported.
  2. UDP and TCP port 56700 should not be blocked - you may need to contact your ISP about allowing access to this port.
  3. WPA/WPA2 or OPEN only. No support for WEP or WPS.
  4. 2.4Ghz channel should be set to 20Mhz bandwidth
  5. 2.4Ghz band b/g/n, 5Ghz not supported.

Setup Troubleshooting

  1. Try powering off other LIFX lights and setup one light first.
  2. Make sure the phone switches back to the 2.4Ghz home network after setup finishes.
  3. Check your router for AP isolation (Client isolation) and make sure it is off.

 * LIFX Originals with 1.1 firmware only support netmask /24 or This is fixed in firmware 1.5 and later. Some rare LIFX Original bulbs may still be in stores with 1.1 firmware.

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