Why reset your light?

By hardware resetting your light you are bringing it back to basics, as if it were new. It may be necessary when you need to connect to a new network, if you have changed your network password, or are having troubles with your light.


How to reset a LIFX light

These instructions will work for all LIFX models with the exception of the LIFX Original.

  1. Start with the LIFX light on
  2. Turn your light off and on at the wall 5 times slowly at consistent intervals
  3. Your light will flash to signify the success of the hardware reset
    1. All LIFX colored products will flash red > green > blue and white
    2. The LIFX Mini Day & Dusk will cycle between warm > mix > cool
    3. The LIFX Mini White light will dim > medium brightness > flash bright
  4. You will now need to set-up your light
How to reset the LIFX Original light
  1. Turn off power supply to LIFX Original
  2. Move small switch located on the back of light bulb into the opposite position
  3. Turn power supply back on
  4. LIFX Original will flash red, green, blue and white to signify success of reset
  5. You will now need to set-up your light
Note: Do not reset a LIFX Original bulb if you are in the middle of the firmware update process.


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