Only install LIFX Bulbs in light fittings made for the connector type on the bulb. The lamp should also have a minimum of 40W rating for the Original.

For all lights released later, which include (Color 1000, White 800, White 900, LIFX A19, LIFX BR30, LIFX A19 +, LIFX BR30 +, and GU10, and Mini Color, Day Dusk, and White) we recommend at least 28w lamps. L
amps made for lower wattage lights are not recommended. 

This assumes a single light per fixture and fixture meets local regulation requirement for lamp holder rating used inside fixture.

We recommend LIFX bulbs be in lamps at least 30cm from where you might sit, or stand.

LIFX Lights

LIFX are not designed for use in:

  • Enclosed fixtures that limit the flow of air or trap excessive amounts of heat
  • Emergency exits or emergency lights.
  • In conjunction with 3rd party sensors or timing devices that are not approved by LIFX
  • Light fittings that incorporate dimmers not compatible with LIFX
  • Places where there is a risk of electric shock
  • Outdoor areas (LIFX and LIFX + Gen 3 BR30 E26 are suitable for outdoors)
  • Wet or damp conditions
  • Sockets that are not rated for this bulb


The LIFX app has been designed for the following phones and computers

  • iOS 9 or later
  • Android 5.0.1 or later
  • Windows 10

Wi-Fi routers

To use LIFX you will need a wifi router that is 802.11 b/g/n compliant.

We support The WPA2 security standard (Enterprise excluded) and encourage you to use it.

WEP is a deprecated and insecure standard that we do not support. LIFX Bulbs might work with WEP-128, but we do not support it. Learn more here.

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