Controlling LIFX with multiple devices

LIFX allows any member of the household to use their own iOS or Android device to control the lights.
To set up many devices, first install the LIFX app. The LIFX app will then ask for you to create or sign in to your LIFX Cloud account.
The main LIFX account will have the ability to create and edit groups. It also is the only account that can create and use Scenes and Schedules. Anyone on the Wi-Fi network, with the LIFX app installed will be able to see the bulbs and be able to control them. Devices signed into the main account will be able to edit the bulbs, and access them remotely.
When accessing a light available on your Wi-Fi network but not under your own cloud account, it will appear under GUEST LIGHTS under LOCATIONS. This is generally used by family members, friends or a guest of the owner of the LIFX Cloud account that the lights were initially connected to. 
Screenshot_20200225-121511.png      Screenshot_20200225-121548.png
For people who have more than one device in the home, that you would like to have Scene and Schedule control for, you'll need to use the same main LIFX account for all those devices.
Change the color or other settings on one device, and other devices with access will update after a few seconds, to reflect the new state of the lights.
We recommend only using one device at a time to control the bulbs, for best results.
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