Info sheets for each of our bulbs including dimensions, weight, power usage, etc.

For available models you can access these on the purchase page or via the links below:

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Color 1000 White 800 Color 1000 (BR30) White 900 (BR30)
Bulb Size A19 BR30 A19 A19 BR30 BR30
Bulb Fitting E26/27 B22 E26 E26/27 B22 E26/27 B22 E26 E26
Lumens 1100 1100 1055 890 970 950
Wattage Max 11W 11W 11W 11W 11W 11W
Wattage Replacement 75W 75W 75W 60W 75W 60W
White Light 2500-9000K 2500-9000K 2500-9000K 2750-6500K 2500-9000K 2750-6500K
Color 16M Colors 16M Colors 16M Colors White only 16M Colors

White only










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